A Legend is born. Starting out in hip hop fresh out of high school, hanging out at Kim Graves (Philly’s top night club at the time) she befriended the late great DJ, Lawrence Levan. She used to pick up the mic and mock Darryl Dawkins and Lloyd (World B.) Free and the other “toasters”, as rap was known at that time. Eventually she got better and better and was approached to do a record by legendary WDAS-FM jock, Dr. Perri Johnson.

So she went into the studio to record “To the Beat Yall”. That became the first rap record recorded by a female. This was a historic event. This recording led to the acceptance of Females in Hip-Hop and opened the doors for MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Monie Love, Lauryn Hill etc.

After getting jerked at the label, she met Richard Cooper, a record promoter for Motown. He informed her that WHAT was looking for an intern. So she started to work there doing odd jobs and learning. She eventually convinced Mary Mason to let her spin some of the new records that she had accumulated (about a milk crate full) on the air. After bugging her, Ms. Mason finally let her play some of the songs. The ratings shot through the roof and lady B was hired full time. After that Power 99 outbid WDAS for her services and she started working full time as a DJ. Street Beat was born, and the rest is history. Her show broke hip-hop artists such as: The Furious 5, The Treacherous 3, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, EPMD, UTFO, MC Lyte, Schoolly D, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS-1, MC Breeze, 3XD, Heavy D, and many many more!

On her radio show on 103.9 WPHI, she spotlighted local artists by interviewing them on her show and playing their music. Independent local records that pleased her ear would actually find themselves in rotation. She spent a decade broadcasting on Philadelphia’s Old School 100.3 in Philly and after being off the air for a year, the people of Philadelphia spoke, protested, boycotted and flooded social media until she was welcomed back on the air at Classix 107.9.

As Philly’s party queen and Hip-Hop awardee, she is still in constant demand. With her multiple concert series, as well as her brand new podcast “Be Nation”, she still finds time to stay involved in her community.

Lady B has received the following awards: the prestigious Philly Urban Legend Award in 2002 as a pioneer in Rap Music, the Pioneer Award from the City of Philadelphia, two Lifetime Achievement Awards (including the Douglas “Jocko” Henderson award), the prestigious Blue Sapphire award, the King Peace Award (awarded to her by Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece), and many others. Her 30th anniversary concert featured a rap performance by then Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and an epic routine with Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh. She also received an A.I.R. Award for “Outstanding Afternoon Program” and is also listed in VIBE magazine’s History of Hip-Hop as “maybe the most influential female in hip- hop radio history”.

“If there was no Lady B, there would be no me” – Will Smith – August 2011



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