About Lady B

A Legend is born. Starting out in hip hop fresh out of high school, hanging out at Kim Graves (Philly’s top night club at the time) she befriended the late great DJ, Lawrence Levan. She used to pick up the mic and mock Darryl Dawkins and Lloyd (World B.) Free and the other “toasters”, as rap was known at that time. Eventually she got better and better and was approached to do a record by legendary WDAS-FM jock, Dr. Perri Johnson.

So she went into the studio to record “To the Beat Yall”. That became the first rap record recorded by a female. This was a historic event. This recording led to the acceptance of Females in Hip-Hop and opened the doors for MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Monie Love, Lauryn Hill etc.

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